Seller's Disclosures in Oregon

In the Pacific Northwest, the OREF form entitled "Seller's Property Disclosure Form" helps ensure sellers properly notify potential buyers of issues which may impact the buying decision, including notification of mold, moisture, and other issues. Read More
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Ownership of Real Estate by Unmarried People in Oregon

Unmarried people in Oregon who own real estate together may face unique challenges if one or more owners wishes to part ways. It may be difficult for owners to disentangle themselves and ensure their rights and responsibilities are fairly considered. Read More
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Ownership of Real Estate in Oregon

How you hold title to real estate determines your ownership rights and liabilities, as well as inheritance rights when you die. Common forms of ownership include a tenancy in common, a tenancy by the entirety, and a joint tenancy. Read More
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Understanding Easements in Oregon

An "easement" allows the holder of an easement to use another property owner's property for a limited use. Easements affect property owners' rights, responsibilities, and liabilities, and can enhance or diminish a property's value. Read More
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Understanding Adverse Possession in Oregon

"Adverse possession" is a legal term which comes up sometimes in property disputes. Adverse possession is a legal theory which can help a person obtain ownership of another person's property without their agreement or consent. Read More
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