Director of First Impressions

Director of First Impressions – Job Description, Open Until Filled

Coast Land Law is a growing law firm located on the beautiful north coast of Oregon, with a primary office location in Warrenton, Oregon, and a satellite office in Gearhart, Oregon. We handle litigation cases, as well as negotiation of disputes, and appear regularly in Clatsop County Circuit Court and Tillamook County Circuit Court, and represent a wide variety of people and business owners.

We are hiring a Director of First Impressions to fill a unique front-office role within our law firm and who will thrive working in a smaller office. You will work closely with other staff and attorneys to serve clients in a variety of litigation scenarios, from negotiations, to litigation in court. A person who is enterprising, a team player, and meticulous will find our firm to be a good fit.

You will be primarily focused on the roles of intake specialist and receptionist, and will be engaged with potential clients, existing clients, and others on an ongoing basis. You are the type of person who thrives by engaging extensively with people, actively listens, and cares about getting each interaction right. As part of our small firm, you will also have substantial responsibilities which relate to secretarial and administrative projects and tasks, and will be part of a close-knit team.

The successful candidate will enjoy working with our team to serve clients in challenging scenarios and will take great pride in their ability to figure things out and deliver a strong work product. You will be hungry to contribute and to continue learning and growing on an ongoing basis. You will be dedicated to your profession and committed to developing and honing your craft as a valued employee. This position primarily involves intake specialist and receptionist duties, but also involves substantial administrative and secretarial duties and requires a team player. See the instructions below to apply.

Job Duties

  • Handle every call and other interaction with clients and others with a positive attitude, friendly demeanor, and professionalism.
  • Act as an intake specialist and engage with and educate potential clients about the firm and how we may be able to assist them.
  • Follow our consultative approach to engaging with potential clients, including actively listening to their needs, identifying and addressing potential objections, and helping them make a decision on whether to schedule a consultation.
  • Act as a receptionist for a multi-line phone system, including phone intakes and screening for potential clients.
  • Schedule appointments with potential and current clients, as well as others.
  • Act as a courteous, but assertive gatekeeper.
  • Dedicated to customer service and being present and engaged with your work.
  • Friendly, ready to help others, and not easily bent out of shape. You must be thick-skinned and a person who genuinely enjoys interacting with all sorts of people.
  • Exercise discretion regarding confidential information related to the firm’s legal cases.
  • Process electronic payments, checks, and cash and follow the firm’s checks and balances.
  • Process incoming mail, e-mails, and faxes, and triaging and distributing the same.
  • Assist with outgoing mail, e-mails, and faxes.
  • Monitor the firm’s equipment and supplies, and replenish and order supplies as needed.
  • Take ownership of understanding how to monitor and use the firm’s equipment, including larger copier/printer, e-fax, and VOIP system.
  • Proof-read and edit outgoing correspondence and other basic documents for accuracy and tone.
  • Write grammatically correct correspondence and e-mails in a professional, warm tone.
  • Help to maintain firm’s physical and digital files on an ongoing basis.
  • Create physical and digital files for new clients, and current clients whose cases are ongoing.
  • Create and maintain documentation for client files and other matters, including using the firm’s case management software to consistently update case details.
  • Daily mail runs to pick up and drop off mail.
  • Occasionally run local errands, including buying office supplies or going to the courthouse.
  • Vacuum, dust, and otherwise help ensure that the office maintains a professional, positive appearance.
  • Open and close the office and ensuring that the office is presentable and inviting.
  • Tasks and projects as assigned.
  • Follow firm’s documented policies and procedures.
  • Where the firm does not have documented policies and procedures, you nonetheless create and maintain common-sense routines and habits for performing work in a productive manner.
  • Carry yourself professionally, and your attire and presentation are well-suited to a professional services firm.
  • Back up and cross-train with other staff, to ensure coverage and help each other out during busy stretches.

Qualifications, Skills, and Abilities

  • Minimum 2-years’ full-time employment with substantial experience in sales and customer service, with results-oriented performance evaluation.
  • Retail work experience with sales and customer service a plus, especially in hospitality, retail, and other settings involving direct interaction with new and existing customers, as well as a variety of other types of people.
  • Minimum 2 years’ full-time employment in a professional services office (including experience in legal, financial, insurance, banking, and healthcare industries), and experience with common receptionist, administrative, and secretarial projects and tasks.
  • Highly developed interpersonal skills, and a dedication to improving and honing communication skills on an ongoing basis.
  • A team player dedicated to helping others succeed and helping the firm run smoothly.
  • Extremely consistent and reliable as a member of our team.
  • You are driven and hungry to grow and learn, and you understand that this means being open to and embracing feedback on an ongoing basis.
  • You handle pressure well, and understand that while effort and intentions are important, performance and results are critical and tell you whether you are on target.
  • You like to roll up your sleeves and work hard, and want to actively engage with your work; you do not just want to come in and watch the clock until the end of the business day.
  • A passion for working closely with people, including those who are in a state of great stress, and guiding them through their legal case. You should be a “people person.”
  • You represent yourself and the firm well, have strong interpersonal skills, and strive to be present, professional, and positive in each interaction you have with others.
  • Cultivate and maintain a good sense of humor in the midst of high-conflict legal cases and strong personalities.
  • Flexible and able to triage priorities, establish workflows, and exercise sound judgment depending on developments in cases.
  • Well-established habits and routines for being productive, including tracking projects and tasks, following through on action items, and documenting progress.
  • Proactive and fill down time with productive activities.
  • Work in an office setting which is largely sedentary and requires the routine use of a computer and other standard office equipment; ability to open file cabinets, lift boxes of files, bend, and stand on a stool.
  • Ability to occasionally lift up to or around 40 lbs.
  • Effectively process a high volume of mail, e-mail, and other documentation and information, including identifying, triaging, and processing such documentation and information, and knowing what should happen next.
  • Technologically savvy with modern office equipment and software.
  • Highly proficient with Microsoft Office products, including Excel, Word, and Power Point. Can accurately type 50+ wpm (no hunting and pecking!).
  • Proficient with efficiently editing and formatting Word and PDF documents.
  • Must be fluent in English, including the ability to read, write, understand, and speak English.
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills, including the ability to not only identify basic typos and grammatical issues, but also to recognize and cultivate the appropriate tone and structure for a document.
  • High school graduation or GED plus at least 2 years of college-level coursework.
  • US work authorization.
  • Valid driver’s license and insurance, reliable transportation, and ability to run local errands to post office, office supply store, courthouse, etc.
  • Final job offer is subject to a criminal background check; generally, having a criminal history will not be an automatic disqualifier, but will be considered in light of relevant facts and circumstances.
  • Commissioned as a notary public in Oregon, or the ability to become commissioned.
  • Occasional overtime will be needed depending on the needs of the firm.

Reasons Why You Would Be a Good Fit (Our Culture)

  • We want our team to be happy working with us! As a way to help you know whether you would be a good fit for our firm, we are listing the types of things that you will read and resonate with if we are the right team for you.
  • You have high expectations for yourself, and a strong drive to keep learning and growing. You are self-organized and detail-oriented, and take pride in a job well done. You enjoy working and approach your work with a sense of craft.
  • You enjoy interacting with many kinds of people on a regular basis, and excel at interpersonal communications and relationship-building. You are patient, empathetic, and not easily rattled.
  • You get along well with others who may have differing beliefs, opinions, and values, and do not get easily offended or triggered. You have a thick skin, and do not hold onto grudges and resentments.
  • You engage positively and constructively with regular feedback, discussions, and transparency, and take 100% responsibility for taking ownership of your work.
  • Even if you already know how to do certain kinds of projects, tasks, and workflows, you embrace learning and implementing how we handle such projects, tasks, and workflows. You are open to learning from others, and open to teaching others.
  • You have strong self-awareness of the areas where you may have gaps and weaknesses, and recognize that you must work hard to fill in such gaps and improve upon your gaps and weaknesses, not rely on other staff to pick up the slack for you.
  • When you work on something and do not get the results you want, you consistently think about and act on all the ways to make things work and not all the ways something is not going to work.
  • You appreciate that promotions, compensation, and professional opportunities depend heavily on consistently performing well at work, being a great team player, continuing to grow and learn, and demonstrating the capacity, work ethic, and dependability to earn such benefits.
  • Oftentimes, in both work and personal affairs, we do not really know what we are getting into for a while—we hope that these points give you a sense of whether our culture would help you thrive at our firm.

Covid, Remote Work, and Technology

  • This position will require in-person work primarily at the Warrenton, Oregon, office, and may involve work at the Gearhart, Oregon, office.
  • You should desire to work in a small office environment, not remotely.
  • Within the office, we have transitioned back to pre-pandemic practices. However, in the event that there is another public health emergency, we reserve the right to require compliance with safety protocols and expect everyone to follow and be supportive of standard public health practices. We may at times have mandatory procedures in place which are more protective than government requirements.
  • In the event that we need you to work from home on a temporary basis, be prepared to think about how you would set up your workspace at home, so that you can do work in a productive manner and be successful.
  • We currently are not requiring proof of vaccination. However, we reserve the right to require proof of vaccination in the future as a condition of employment and a willingness to get any additional vaccinations or boosters in a timely manner as they become available.
  • If necessary to address public health issues, you must be able to work remotely on a temporary basis. If you are working remotely in this scenario, you will need a fiber or cable internet connection; DSL, satellite, and dial-up connections will not be adequate.
  • We will need documentation to confirm that you have a fiber or cable internet connection currently available. In this scenario, you will be provided a work laptop and a VOIP phone to facilitate your ability to continue working remotely until you are back in the office.
  • If we work remotely on a temporary basis, you will be expected to go back to working in-person as soon as we determine we are ready to do so; you will not have the option of continuing to work remotely based on your personal preferences.


  • Starting at $37,440.00/year ($18.00/hour), full-time (40 hours/week), depending on skills, experience, and ability to hit the ground running.
  • SIMPLE IRA, 3% matching.
  • QSEHRA health benefit of $250.00/month.
  • PTO (7 days vacation in year 1, 6 days paid sick leave after year 1, 6 paid federal holidays).
  • 3-month probationary period (including for health benefits and vacation PTO).
  • $250.00 hiring bonus at 3 months, and $250.00 retention bonus at 6 months.
  • Potential reimbursement opportunities for educational and professional development.

A successful candidate will be able to demonstrate their ability to perform the work, as well as related qualifications. We are looking for a person who has proven, long-term commitment to working in a professional office, as well as a genuine connection to the north coast of Oregon. Documentation will be requested to verify various items in this job posting.

Instructions for applying: Apply on Indeed, including completion of the pre-screening items and the skills tests. Additionally, submit your cover letter and résumé as two separate .pdf files where the text is in 12-point Cambria font; submit these documents on both Indeed and by e-mail. E-mail these materials to with the following subject line:

Your Next Director of First Impressions is [your full first name][your full last name]!!!

Explain in your cover letter why you are a top notch candidate and how the position fits within your career track. Thank you for your interest!