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Real Estate Disputes

Located on the northern coast of Oregon, Coast Land Law brings together extensive knowledge about property rights, real estate matters, and litigation. With over 15 years of trial experience, trial lawyer Sunil K. Raju can advise you about a wide variety of issues, including:

  • Easement issues
  • Prescriptive easements
  • Adverse possession
  • Boundary disputes
  • Trespass/tree cutting
  • Timber trespass
  • Negligence
  • Nuisance claims
  • Earnest money disputes
  • Breach of contract
  • Ownership/partnership disputes
  • Partition actions
  • Disclosure disputes
  • Mediation, arbitration, and trial
  • Pre-litigation planning
  • Enforcement of CC&Rs

This is not an exhaustive list and is merely offered for illustration.

Understanding Real Estate Litigation

Many of our cases involve potential or actual real estate disputes which never end up in actual litigation in court. Our approach is to help you understand how to use litigation, alternative dispute resolution, and negotiations to pursue your objectives.

We evaluate every real estate dispute by making sure we understand what our clients’ objectives are, what options are available, and how we can best help our clients pursue their goals. Each client's case is unique, as are their objectives.

Clients who have a “strong” case may not want to be aggressive, and clients who have a “tough” case may want to come out guns blazing. We do everything we can to help you understand whether to invest your valuable time, energy, and money in a real estate dispute.

Whether you should pursue a real estate lawsuit also depends on your risk tolerance. While some people are comfortable with taking risk, others are risk-averse. It is especially important to consider where you fit, and we strive to understand what approaches to a real estate dispute would work best for you.

Emotions can run high when there is a dispute involving property rights. We will work closely with you to tell you what you need to hear, so that you can make important decisions which are wise and serve your long-term interests. As we work with you, we want your decisions to be informed and based on the law as it affects your specific circumstances.

A Passion for Real Estate Litigation

“I spent the first ten years of my career in Portland, Oregon, learning how to successfully try jury and judge trials. When my wife and I moved to the coast in search of a change of pace, I quickly found that there was a real need for skilled and experienced trial lawyers on the coast,” says Sunil.

Trial lawyer Sunil Raju quickly found that clients were seeking him out from the far corners of Clatsop County and Tillamook County, and he took an interest in helping these clients with their real estate challenges.

“I really enjoy the variety of clients I get to work with in real estate disputes. On the one hand, I work with blue collar, salt-of-the earth clients who have never worked with an attorney before, and on the other hand, I work with clients who are sophisticated and have worked with many attorneys, CPAs, financial advisors, and other professionals.

"For some clients, a real estate case involves their primary asset in terms of their net worth—their primary residence may represent their nest egg. For others, a real estate case, while important, may be one asset within their real estate portfolio. Understanding what is at stake for each client is essential to helping them obtain a successful outcome.

"Fairly quickly, I found that I am the most active trial lawyer filing and defending real estate lawsuits here on the coast, and I enjoy that role. It always keeps me on my toes, and I go up against some of the best trial lawyers from Portland and across the state,” shares Sunil.

Representative Experience

  • Defended frivolous timber trespass lawsuit in Clatsop County Circuit Court against property owner, resulting in dismissal.
  • Filed lawsuit in Tillamook County Circuit Court on behalf of property owner against neighbor for violating terms of easement. Obtained a substantial jury verdict for our client including attorney fees.
  • Helped a commercial seller retain a significant portion of earnest money when a commercial buyer tried to back out at the last minute.
  • Filed a partition action in Clatsop County Circuit Court on behalf of our client who wanted to sell their property, forcing other joint owners to cooperate in a successful sale.
  • Filed a tort claim against a municipality in Tillamook County Circuit Court due to misleading representations made by government officials to our client, the property owner.
  • Filed a lawsuit in Wasco County Circuit Court on behalf of our client, a property owner, forcing the joint property owner to cooperate and fairly share proceeds from the sale of the property.
  • Advised a property owner on proper disclosure involving real estate listed for sale.
  • Advised a potential buyer of a property regarding due diligence for real estate with multiple easements.
  • Filed a lis pendens with lawsuit, to prevent opposing property owner from selling their property, providing our client with leverage.
  • Litigated, successfully, an adverse possession claim in Clatsop County Circuit Court to confirm our client’s long-standing use of their property.

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