Common Problems in Clatsop Evictions

A Clatsop County landlord or property manager planning to evict a tenant should carefully organize and plan the eviction process. Commons problems include: acceptance of rent; improper service; leaving out parties; invalid notice; not filing notice. Read More
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Landlord-Tenant Issues in Clatsop Evictions

Every successful residential eviction case in Clatsop County, Oregon, has certain common elements. It is important for a landlord or property manager to carefully an eviction case, in order to ensure a successful eviction. Read More
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Oregon No-Cause Evictions in Astoria, Warrenton, and Seaside

Residential no-cause evictions on the north coast require compliance with Oregon landlord-tenant law. The Clatsop County Circuit Court in Astoria and the Tillamook County Circuit Court in Tillamook decide no-cause eviction cases on the north coast. Read More
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Oregon For-Cause Evictions in Astoria, Warrenton, and Seaside

Oregon for-cause evictions in Clatsop County communities, including Astoria, Warrenton, Gearhart, Seaside, and Cannon Beach, are decided at the Clatsop County Circuit Court in downtown Astoria. Such cases are decided by a judge, not a jury. Read More
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Landlord Evictions on the North Coast of Oregon

Residential landlords on the the north coast of Oregon should proceed carefully when considering whether to evict a tenant. Residential evictions in Oregon are determined by Oregon law, including ORS 90 and 105, as well as by the written lease. Read More
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