Real Estate Disputes

Located on the northern coast of Oregon, Coast Land Law brings together extensive knowledge about property rights, real estate matters, and litigation. With over 15 years of trial experience, trial lawyer Sunil K. Raju can advise you about a wide var… Read More

Landlord-Tenant Issues

Coast Land Law works with landlords in residential landlord-tenant matters and advises owners, property managers, and investors about complex landlord-tenant laws. Also, we represent both landlords and tenants in commercial landlord-tenant matters. T… Read More

Land Use Issues

Coast Land Law works with property owners, developers, and investors to help them develop and manage their real estate projects. In Oregon, “land use” typically refers to real estate issues related to the rules and regulations of developing your… Read More

General Litigation Issues

Coast Land Law works with clients on a wide variety of litigation issues to help them plan, prepare, and pursue effective litigation strategies and practices. Litigation includes understanding and exploring reasonable settlement options as an alterna… Read More