I hired Mr. Raju as my attorney in a challenging landlord-tenant matter. My tenants were obstructionists, who game the system against landlords. He helped me negotiate a resolution to get rid of them. He was calm, cool, and collected during a very high-conflict case, and I would recommend him for your legal needs.

– Jerod Topliff

My father and I hired Sunil Raju, a trial lawyer, who helped us navigate a complicated real estate dispute. I was impressed with his attention to detail, willingness to help, and of course, guidance in putting together a strategy to obtain the results we desperately needed to help get my father to his next chapter in life.

As a realtor, I appreciate being able to work with skilled professionals like Sunil Raju, someone who truly cares, listens, and puts their clients first! I could not have asked for a better advocate to be on our side during these troubling times. Sunil gets my recommendation, 100%, and I would not hesitate to hire him again or refer him to other clients in need of his services. Thanks again, Sunil!

– Jason Nichols

We hired attorney Sunil Raju for a difficult real estate issue. He immediately grasped the issues at hand and helped us pursue a strategy that allowed us to resolve the legal issues efficiently and ethically given that the opposing party was not interested in cooperating in any manner. His grasp of the law, ability to clearly communicate our options, and his guidance were invaluable. Our lawsuit was successful in achieving our desired outcome.

Of particular notice, we found his ability to communicate in writing and orally was beyond that which is generally found among attorneys. In my experience through employment, I have dealt with many attorneys, and Sunil’s ability is by far exceptional. He has the ability to dispose of the irrelevant efficiently, communicate the issues, and keep the matter on track. In addition, his support staff were professional and always were immediately attentive and accessible (as was Sunil). Sunil does not hesitate to work “after hours” when the situation is urgent.

– Arlinda Dickson

I hired Sunil Raju to represent me on a legal matter that was critical to me. Due to the nature of the issue, there were times during the course of the lengthy process when I became emotional. Sunil was professional and aggressive on my behalf and always took the time to walk me through difficult times, explaining why following his advice was the best approach. My case was very important to my future. I had the resources to hire a more expensive firm from Portland, but I was so impressed with Sunil's calm and professional manner that I chose to trust him with my future. I highly recommend Mr. Raju and this firm for your legal needs. He is a real pro!

– Max Johnson

Sunil Raju is an excellent lawyer. As a fellow attorney, I have seen him in action in the courtroom. He is an intelligent and aggressive legal advocate, but also he is compassionate and understanding. I absolutely recommend Sunil to anyone in need of top-notch legal representation.

– Chris Trotter

We hired attorney Sunil Raju for a very difficult legal case. My family and I had a lot on the line. He worked extremely hard, is very smart, and helped me get a great result that protects my family and me. I would not hesitate to recommend Mr. Raju and this firm for your legal needs. Thank you, Mr. Raju!

– Cassandra Peon-Joli

I worked with Mr. Raju on an important legal matter. We were able to work through the legal process together, get a great result, and protect my legal rights. He walked me through my options and explained the process, so that I could make good decisions on important legal issues. I highly recommend Mr. Raju.

– Abhi Talwalkar

We hired lawyer Sunil Raju on a difficult landlord-tenant matter. Mr. Raju was great to work with on this case. He walked us through the process, helped us develop a smart strategy, and was able to get us a great result. We would not hesitate to recommend Mr. Raju and his firm for your real estate matters.

– Blake Bartak

I worked with attorney Sunil Raju on a business litigation matter. Attorney Raju was great to work with, very professional, and on point. I would highly recommend him, he is very trustworthy, has high integrity, and is highly competent.

– Karen Radditz

I hired attorney Sunil Raju to help me with a criminal matter. An experienced trial lawyer, Mr. Raju was great to work with. He was professional, knew his stuff, and always kept me informed. I would not hesitate to recommend his law firm. Mr. Raju really was on top of his game.

– J.P. Ratliff

I worked with Attorney Sunil Raju on a real estate matter and appreciated his professionalism. He helped me research an important real estate question and helped me gain clarity about my property rights. I would not hesitate to recommend Mr. Raju to friends and family.

– Marie Yost

I've known Sunil Raju for a number of years. I can confidently say that as an attorney, he operates with a high level of competence and integrity.

– James Jobe

My husband and I worked with Sunil. Sunil was extremely receptive to hearing what we had to say, made sure that he was effective in his action plan, and was transparent in what he was hoping would happen. He had all the possibilities that we would be faced with covered! We are so very thankful for the great job he did!! He was ready for everything, extremely understanding of our situation, and helped make our family complete! We cannot thank Sunil enough for all his hard work and making our case successful!

– Amy Seely

I worked directly with Sunil. His background as a district attorney was instrumental in helping me win my case. I am blessed to have found him in a time where my life was in the most turmoil. I would strongly recommend him to any family or friend in need of a lawyer.

– Tim Zettlemoyer

Sunil is extremely dedicated to his clients. I have great confidence in him and would not hesitate to refer friends and family to him if they need a real estate attorney at their side.

– Christy Svidish

Sunil is a true professional. He will handle your case with you and have your best interest in mind. He is compassionate in his undertaking of your case. I recommend him on a regular basis.

– Curt Born

Sunil is professional and knowledgeable, while keeping his clients’ best interests in front of them at all times. I would recommend him to anyone in need of an attorney.

– Danial Taylor

Attorney Sunil Raju walked me through the whole process. Explaining both the positive and negative of my case. He handled everything, down to the smallest detail.

– Mark Matthews

Sunil was great to work with. He was very professional and worried about my best interests. I received constant communication both by phone and email. Impressive! The atmosphere and staff provided me with a sense of comfort during a stressful time. Overall, highly recommended.

– Matt H.

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