Arlinda Dickson

We hired attorney Sunil Raju for a difficult real estate issue. He immediately grasped the issues at hand and helped us pursue a strategy that allowed us to resolve the legal issues efficiently and ethically given that the opposing party was not interested in cooperating in any manner. His grasp of the law, ability to clearly communicate our options, and his guidance were invaluable. Our lawsuit was successful in achieving our desired outcome.

Of particular notice, we found his ability to communicate in writing and orally was beyond that which is generally found among attorneys. In my experience through employment, I have dealt with many attorneys, and Sunil’s ability is by far exceptional. He has the ability to dispose of the irrelevant efficiently, communicate the issues, and keep the matter on track. In addition, his support staff were professional and always were immediately attentive and accessible (as was Sunil). Sunil does not hesitate to work “after hours” when the situation is urgent.